Episode 4: Christophe & Co. – Making & Marketing a Luxury Brand

October 03, 2017

In this episode, President and Founder Aleksandr Bernhard of Christophe and Co. discusses the evolving stages of starting a business from an idea and the challenges involved in the bringing that idea to life. He also discusses the details of how to secure funding, find fruitful partnerships and manufacturing considerations in building a luxury brand. Aleksandr also let’s us in on the secret to his success in moving forward despite setbacks.

“Your only one “No” away from a “Yes”.”
– Aleksandr Bernhard – Founder Christophe & Co.

For more information on Christophe & Co.and the Armill visit: https://www.christophe.co.uk
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Show Notes
    • 1:4

      The genesis of a business idea

    • 3:51

      The birth of a luxury brand

    • 8:15

      Creating a new market and the vision

    • 11:30

      Manufacturing and the challenges of perfection

    • 13:00

      Identifying  your resources

    • 16:50

      Patience and perseverance

    • 19:20

      Finding funding

    • 21:30

      Explore every avenue

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