Episode 3: VS Carbonics – The Secret To Steady Business Growth

September 05, 2017

In this episode we speak president and founder of VS Carbonics, Dios Vazquez. We discuss the first stages of starting a business and how to prepare for the future. We also go into the details of how life threw him a curve ball and what to do when you need to start over. He also let’s us in on the secret to his success and how your business can benefit from his strategy.

“Never give up. Push forward and ignore the haters.”
– Dios Vazquez – VS Carbonics

For more information on VS Carbonics visit: vscarbonics.com
Show Notes
    • 1:40

      How the business got started

    • 4:00

      Turning a disaster into an opportunity

    • 7:01

      Discovering a new business market

    • 12:30

      Leveraging your experience to your advantage

    • 16:00

      Online resources for marketing

    • 18:47

      Customer service and employee training

    • 21:40

      Take full advantage of your niche

    • 26:15

      Network, customer service, evolve

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