25:17 MINS

Episode 2: Honor – The New Guy Code

August 29, 2017

In this episode we speak with Che Scott, founder of the Honor Games and author of Honor – The New Guy Code. We discuss what it takes to have an idea turn into a business, what’s involved in running a non-profit and how passion is the key to success.

“Every Day Matters”-Che Scott – Author – Honor. The New Guy Code

For more information about Honor – The New Guy Code book and the Honor Games visit: http://newguycode.com/
Show Notes
    • 2:20

      Che talks about what inspired him

    • 4:43

      The evolution of an idea

    • 7:03

      Overview of the book

    • 10:05

      The need for something more

    • 1:02

      How to finance your business idea

    • 18:05

      Partners with others in line with your passion

    • 22:00

      Advice to other non-profits

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