Episode 1: Eben Cosmetics

August 17, 2017

In this episode we invite president of Eben Cosmetics to share his business story. We discuss ideas, concepts, family and finance. Milan shares his incredible background and how this influenced his interest and passion in starting his own business.

“A true entrepreneur is someone that is willing to take the next step. Someone willing to take an idea and move forward despite the obstacles and challenges. They have to truly believe in their product or service.”-Milan David – Founder Eben Cosmetics

For more information on Eben products visit: Eben Cosmetics
Show Notes
    • 1:20

      Milan reveals his interesting childhood background

    • 5:01

      The allure of entrepreneurship and first steps

    • 9:00

      Leaving the comforts of what you now

    • 13:15

      Milan discovers the problem and starts his adventure

    • 19:02

      How to finance your dream

    • 25:14

      Family and gathering support

    • 27:56

      Product positioning

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